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Extensive career in development management, institutional and governance reforms worldwide with over 25 years of experience as

economist, editor, scholar, lecturer, manager, director, team leader, with outstanding leadership, analytical, strategic, communication,

interpersonal skills, ability to manage interdisciplinary & multicultural teams.






EU-DEVCO, Team Leader,                                                                                                                                                  Feb 2017 - Sep 2017

Private Sector Development Study for Central Asia

Produce PSD study to help EU identify entry points of its programming support for PSD in 5 Central Asian countries.

Review the private sector state of affairs using latest statistical data (e.g. number of SMEs, size and definition of SMEs, employment by SMEs, financial situation of SMEs, trade patterns of SMEs, percentage of GDP, breakdown per sectors in connection with regional and international market, inclusion in RVC and GVC) from all 5 Central Asian countries

Identifying national and regional sectors with high growth and job creation potential.

Assessing private sector development opportunities enhanced by regional cooperation settings such as the Eurasian Economic Union and facilitated by recent GSP+ status, concerning Central Asian countries' access to EU markets.

Analyzing characteristics of Business Intermediary Organizations in all 5 Central Asian countries (e.g. business associations, Chambers of Commerce etc.) and logistic services.

Analyzing State Owned Enterprises in each of the five countries, notably regarding their share in the economy, the sectors they are represented in, and the plans of the Governments to privatize.

Provide recommendations to be taken on board by the national beneficiaries and EU to strengthen the business climate and facilitate private sector development. 


 UNDP, Regional HUB, Istanbul,                                                                                                                                             Jun 2016 - Jan 2017

 Economic Development Adviser for Europe and Asia

Provide strategic advice to country offices on building capacities to improve private sector development and productive capacity enhancement and on building capacities to improve trade-related projects;

Propose UNDP approach to Sustainable Local Development and propose service lines for the Sustainable Development Cluster and concrete actions products, tools, platforms and instruments within the local economic development context.

Prepare methodology for operationalizing SDGs for ongoing and incoming UNDP programmes and projects;

Develop minimum standards for microfinance loans for trade, private sector and SME development, green agriculture, micro-insurance, developing capacities in government for private sector development.

Develop service-lines on building productive capacities, trade and local development for the SD Cluster;

Mapping of potential new partners, including from the private sector for the region for Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia. 


ADB, Team Leader, Kyrgyz Republic                                                                                                                                               May 2015 – Nov 2016

Development Effectiveness Promotion of Public Investment

nProvide training to government on best practices of Investment Project Management

nProduce development effectiveness analysis of International Aid for the period 1992 - 2014

nProduce Investment Management Guidelines and Manual for Public Administration

nProduce Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) for improved government processes

nIntroduce National and Sectoral M&E Framework for Public Investment in the Kyrgyz Republic

nInformational campaign for promoting development effectiveness


IMF, Expert Member of PIMA Mission to Kyrgyz Republic                                                                                                             Jan 2016 – Feb 2016

Public Investment Management Assessment

nFollow up on the data request sent to the authorities in November 2015 and gather the remaining

information ahead of the Public Investment Management Assessment (PIMA), 2016;

nIdentify gaps in the preliminary answers to the PIMA questionnaire and gather the information

(as needed) to fill in those gaps during a two week mission starting on January 29th 2016.


OSCE, International Consultant, Tajikistan                                                                                                                                     Apr 2015 – Aug 2015

Investment Promotion Support to Gorno Badakshan (Pamir) Investment Council

nInvestment Promotion Strategy and Plan for GBAO for 2016 - 2020

nProduced needs analysis for energy, transport and other sectors

nInvestment Promotion Training and capacity development for GBAO Investment Council staff


UNDP, International Consultant, Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan                                                                                               Apr 2015 – Sep 2015

Support to FEZ development

nReview of the National FEZ Development Strategy, FEZ Laws and Regulations

nMarketing Strategy For Investment Promotion in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

nInvestment Promotion Campaign training for Ministry of Economy


OSCE, International Consultant, Kyrgyz Republic                                                                                                                       Dec 2014 – Mar 2015

Consultant, OSCE, Economic Governance

nManaging large Regulatory Impact Analysis and introducing eGuillotine project

in the Kyrgyz Republic with key government, private sector and civil society.

nEstablishing 25-member Regulatory Reform Unit made up of local experts and guiding

their work and the work international partners such as Jacobs &Cordova and Associates.

nEstablishing Regulatory Reform Council led by the Prime Minister and developing strategic

and operational plans and legal framework for introducing RIA and eGuillotine in the Kyrgyz Republic.


UNDP, International Consultant, Uzbekistan                                                                                                                                 Oct 2014 – Dec 2014

Governance Support to Uzbekistan

nReview of the curricula of the Academy of Public Administration under the president of Uzbekistan and recommendations for four new subjects.

nDeveloped concept notes and course development manual for the four new subjects.

nPublic lectures to M.Sc. students on Public Administration, HR, E-government, Local Government


Investment Climate Program Manager, South Asia, IFC/World Bank                                                                               Feb 2012 – Jan 2015

Project Manager, World Bank Group, Dhaka, Bangladesh

nManages 6.0M/pa USD program, 20 staff on time within budget and to high standards.

nManages complex stakeholder relationship between government officials, businesses, international community and

leads Bangladeshi Investment donor sub-committee.

nDesigns IFC/WB products within Investment Climate/Business Regulations work in regulatory governance, climate change,

infrastructure, SME, agri-business, power, tourism, health, etc

nLeads South Asia Regulatory Governance Pillar for India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan Sri Lanka.

nImplements Communication and Outreach campaigns, Regulatory Reforms, Regulatory Enforcement & Inspections,

Alternative Dispute Resolution, Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA)


Visiting Expert to Development Economics Department, World Bank,                                                                          Nov 2013 – Jan 2014

Visiting Expert, World Bank Group, DEC, Washington DC, USA

nSelected as Visiting Expert as part of a program to foster knowledge sharing between researchers and

operational staff, to conduct 2 months research with the Development Economics Vice Presidency (DEC), chaired by Kaushik Basu.

nPublish a paper and help develop channels to put research findings into good use, especially in World Bank/IFC operations:

regulatory governance, economy-wide and sectoral, and links with private sector investment in OECD countries, extending findings

into sector regulatory frameworks andinstitutional and governance factors in developing countries


Naturex Consulting, CEO, Senior Consultant, UK, Worldwide                                                                                       Feb 1997 – Dec 2012

CEO & Senior Consultant: International Economic Development, Management,

nImplementing international development projects, public administration reforms and good governance promotion,

media reform, public broadcasting service reforms, regulatory and institutional reforms, capacity building for

advocacy and lobbying, public administration reform, improving governance, accountability and transparency,

fundraising, economic development projects, internal and external communication campaigns, etc.


Executive Communication Program Director, ADB                                                                                                          Aug 2010 – Dec 2011

Director, Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines

nImproved implementation of ADB communication strategy into practice in such a complex, diverse

 and geographically spread international organization.

nCommunication strategy and recommend improvements in adopted policy and practice put in place

and implemented for internal and external communication.

nImproved ability of management, senior staff, lead sector/thematic specialists to raise ADB's profile

by delivering their key messages in a clear, effective and timely manner.


Economic Development Advisor to UNDP in Tajikistan                                                                                                    Dec 2009 – Feb 2011

Strategic Adviser to UNDP and Tajikistan Government

nStrategically positions UNDP interventions for working with local government in mobilizing business

community and citizens for inclusive private sector development, agricultural development, power,

water, infrastructure, and microfinance provision at the local level


Improving Business Environment for GIZ, CIM, in Kyrgyz Republic                                                                               Nov 2006 – Nov 2009

Strategic Adviser to IBC, prime minister and president of Kyrgyz Republic

nPart of government & business working group that in 3 years brought Kyrgyzstan to the 2nd best reformer

in the world according to World Bank DB indicators for 2010.

Lobbying and influencing government & parliament to adopt business-friendly laws.

Attracting investment in the Kyrgyz Republic and promoting it abroad as potential investment location.

Fundraising and capacity building for business associations.


Restructuring State-Owned Institutions for EU in Bosnia and Herzegovina                                                                   Apr 2005 – Apr 2010

International Team Leader, Project Director, European Commission

nDesigning, managing and overseeing institutional reforms and advising on transformation and

management change for the state owned institutions.

nTeam leader of complex international project managing complex stakeholder network.


Access to Information Project in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan                                                                             Mar 2004 – Apr 2005

Regional Project Director for Central Asia, Swiss Media Development Project in Central Asia

nManaging 1,000,000 EUR worth Access to Information development project in Central Asia funded by

Swiss Development Corporation SDC on time and within budget.

nMediating between media and governments on improved access to information

nRegular reporting, contacts with donors, international & government officials etc.


Restructuring state-owned RTA for EU in Afghanistan                                                                                                      Nov 2004 – Feb 2005

Senior Consultant Economist, restructuring of state-owned companies

nProducing project proposal for restructuring the state-owned Radio Television Afghanistan and

Bakhtar News Agency into public broadcasters.

nProducing cost-benefit analysis of the proposed project worth 64M EUR.


ACTED Develpmt Agency, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan                                                                                          Aug 2003 – Mar 2004

Project Coordinator, EuropeAid, TACIS, USAID, DFID, ADB projects

nManaged 2,500,000 Euros as a team leader on EU TACIS, USAID, CIDA, SDC projects in Central Asia

with over 100 employees on time and within budget.

nDonors’ reports, budgets, new project proposals EuropeAid, OSCE, USAID


American University of Central Asia, AUCA, Kyrgyz Republic                                                          2007 - 2009

Lecturer, Professor

nTeaching at MBA level courses of Strategic Management and Business Negotiations.

nOverseeing Master Thesis of number of students.

nProviding advice to AUCA Business Clinic in market analysis and fundraising.


BBC World Service,          London   UK                                                                                            1995 - 2002

Editor, Journalist and Radio Producer

nProducer, editor, team leader, BBC World Service flagship Newshour programme

nInterviewed presidents, top officials: Helen Clarke, Evgeniy Primakov, Robin Cook etc.

nProvided advice to government officials on politics economics in the Balkans.


Naturex Consulting, Central Asia, Russia, UK                                                                                  1989 – 1994

Media development consultant

nConsulting for the launch of multimillion Movie Channel in Europe

nHelp AKIPRESS and CAINS Central Asian Agency develop strategic plans

nLaunched media and communication campaign for Korean charity in UK





London School of Economics, London, UK                                                                                        1999 – 2001

M. Sc. Development Management.

nDissertation thesis on the links between trade liberalization and economic growth analyzing

117 developing countries using SPSS and SAS statistical software.

nProvided consulting on viability of microfinance projects in the Horn of Africa.

nResearched various aspects of privatisation and transition in Eastern Europe.


Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan, University of Manchester, UK                                                        2018 (expected)

PhD Governance & Economic and International Development

nDissertation thesis on links between national and sector regulations, institutions, governance and

economic growth in developing countries

nnMedia development, access to information, transparency and democratization


University of Minnesota Minneapolis, USA                                                                                     1994 – 1995

Visiting Scholar in Corporate and Investment Finance, Fulbright Fellowship

nWrote research paper comparing EVA - Economic Value Added - corporate performance benchmark,

with traditional valuation techniques, ROI, EPS and NI.

nResearch on links between corporate value and share price on NYSE.

nWorked on projects implementing EVA in Honeywell, Unisys, Kellogg and Cargill.

nAwarded Fulbright Fellowship in Economics 1994.


St. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia                                                                   1992 – 1994

Master of Business Administration Programme

nManagement of production processes, productivity and efficiency.

nComparative analysis of different corporate organizational structures.


St. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia                                                                    1982 – 1989

B. Sc. Construction Engineering

nConstruction and project management.

nMathematical and statistical theoretical and practical analysis.


Courses and Memberships

nCertified Valuer of Macedonian Privatisation Agency.

nSun Alliance insurance group course for insurance advisers.

nLondon Business and Enterprise Centre - starting your own business.

nHuman Resource & Marketing modules, Bradford University MBA programme


nEnglish, Russian                                                                                                                          Fluent

nMacedonian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Slovenian                                                         Fluent

nFrench, Spanish, Korean, Kyrgyz, Turkish                                                                                       Basic


nSport - playing five a side football, tennis, judo, golf etc.

nBooks, movies and music.


Proficient in all Microsoft Office application and statistical software such as SPSS, STATA.


Available upon request.



nWorld Bank Group: Link between sector regulations and level of private sector investments. August 2013, Washington DC

nWorld Bank Group: Business Process Re-engineering Manual for Development Practitioners, February 2013, South Asia, Washington DC.

nMeasuring Regulatory Governance in Developing Countries. Research Paper, December 2012, UK.

nImplementing regulatory reforms in developing countries, Conference presentation, Queens College Cambridge University, 6th of September 2012, Cambridge, UK

nWorld Bank Group: Investment Climate in Asia Conference, Presentations and moderation, Singapore, 27th to 30th of November 2012.

nIntroducing RIA in Bangladesh - Manual for Developing Countries, 2012, UK

nKeynote Speaker at the Tajikistan Economic Forum, Khujand, Tajikistan October, 2011

nInvestment Profile Sughd Province, Tajikistan, Government publication, 2011

nLocal Economic Development Manual for Users and Trainers, Dushanbe Tajikistan , December, 2010

nRestructuring Plan for country’s Public Sector, Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, 2009

n“Quarterly Investment Climate Analysis for the Kyrgyz Republic” Producing and editing it between 2006 and 2009.

n"Export Growth and Economic Growth: Time-series cross-section analysis of 117 developing countries for last 38 years" London School of Economics, London, UK, Master Thesis, 27, July 2001;

n"Microfinance projects in the Horn of Africa, Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia" Consulting paper for Accord, London, UK, May 2001;

n“The influence of the media on government responsiveness to emergency aid situation”, London School of Economics, London, UK, Lecture, October, 2000.

n“Culture and Organizations: An Alternative View. To what extent is development management merely another form of cultural imperialism” Paper, London School of Economics, London, UK, April 2000.

n“Review of current situation with the access to information in Central Asia” speech at the Transparency International regional conference in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, June 2004.