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Evaluation of Support to Free Economic Zones

The OSCE has been supporting the development and operationalization of the FEZ concept in Tajikistan since 2009 until now and the help that was mainly technical assistance and provision of expert advice is highly appreciated by beneficiaries and key stakeholders. The support has been well designed, targeted to cater for the concrete needs of the FEZ and is also perceived as such, efficient, effective, relevant, impactful and sustainable.

What is Local Economic Development? LED strategy means refocusing the local governments from the traditional role of delivering social services, planning the economy and being the engine of economic growth to a role of enabler of economic development through participatory and inclusive process with private sector, civil, ngo sector that would result in better business environment conducive to using local resources for delivering economic growth, attracting investment that would in turn bring employment, reduce poverty, increase gender equity.

This manual is a guide development practitioners and government officials in developing countries to help determine (1) if process reform is necessary, (2) how to map processes, and (3) how to reform those processes. It is intended to provide the ingredients for a quick start and short- and longer-term solutions on process mapping and reform.


The TA will develop the Government Guidelines for Development Project Management (GDPM), which will explain the main principles and operational procedures for managing development projects and provide clear guidance on the policies, processes, and mechanisms. It will contain appropriately detailed instructions and references to the national and international requirements to minimize conflicting interpretations. At present there is no guideline or manual in the Kyrgyz Republic to guide the PIU staff in project PIP implementation. The GDPM will streamline existing procedures and make available practical templates and methodologies, where applicable, in all areas of the project cycle. Upon approval by the government for its mandatory use, the GDPM will be converted to an electronic form and maintained by the Public Investment and Technical Assistance Department (PITAD) of the MOF on the ministry’s official website. Capacity development activities for representatives from the Prime Minister’s Office, MOF, and other key agencies involved in policy making, and implementation of the development project management processes and procedures, will include a study tour abroad to learn about good project management practices and experiences in other countries.

I recently concluded a research with the World Bank’s DEC in Washington DC as a Visiting Expert producing two policy recommendation paper on the links between sectoral regulations and levels of investment in them for developing countries with an aim to draw policy lessons and recommendations.
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